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Hermit Crab Shells, Food & More

Hermit Crab Shells

Discover the beauty of hermit crab shells. We have thousands of hermit crab shells in stock, with hundreds of the most popular designs to choose from. Additionally, we sell natural, unpainted shells. You get to choose the design or size you like. We also offer assortment bags with either 50 or 100 shells per bag. Just ask!

Hermit Crab Shells

Hermit Crab Food

Just like humans, crabs require a specific balance of minerals and nutrients to stay healthy. We proudly manufacture our own hermit crab food that contains the protein and minerals to ensure your crab is strong. Our food is offered in, 5oz, 3oz, or 2oz ( mini food) containers. We also have a 1lb bulk bag for store use.

Hermit Crab Food

Feeder Dish

To easily dispense the food, be sure to use our feeders dishes. These feeder dishes can be used to hold dry food on one side and water on the other. They come in a variety of colors and are essential to any hermits home.

Colorful Feeder Dish

Hermit Crab Gravel

Hermit crab gravel is placed in the bottom of any hermit crabs home. It gives the hermit crab traction and naturally the crabs like to burrow in it. Unlike sand, our gravel is specifically design not to clog or get stuck in the crabs shell. Hermit Crab Gravel can be purchased in small bags that are packaged with a header or bulk bags that can be for store use. Each option offers different popular color combinations.

Hermit Crab Gravel


For your crab to stay healthy, it's essential that he or she always has access to water. Our hermit crab ponds are the perfect way to ensure your crab is getting the necessary hydration and moisture in the back of its shell.

Colorful Ponds

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