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The Best Place to Buy Hermit Crabs

Hermit Crabs and Shells

Hermit Crabs

Stock your business with our wonderful hermit crabs. We carry a full assortment of sizes and designs of the hardy Caribbean Purple Claw Hermit Crab (coenobita clypeatus). Pet owners love the low maintenance involved with hermit crabs; they are truly easy to take care of. Many people choose to buy hermit crabs because they are the perfect first pet.

Display Cage

Display Cage

Stores owners prefer our display cages because they make it easier to sell the crabs.  The two/three separate compartments allow you to separate your crabs by price, size or kind.  It much easier to sell a crab that is climbing on the wire rather than sitting on the bottom of an aquarium, motionless.  These cages are easy to clean, simply tip on its side and rinse out.  The one-sided doors gives employees full control of who has access to the crabs.  Lastly, the  12" diameter footprint leaves plenty of room for other merchandise to be displayed.

Small Colored Cages

Wire Cages

The wire cages come in many different sizes and color combinations.  The benefit of a wire cage is it allows the crabs to climb for exercise. The raised bottom mold can holds gravel which gives the hermit crab traction. They are easy to clean and makes a great hermit crab home.

Aquarium Kit

To Go Kits for Aquariums & Wire Cages

Not everyone knows how to set up a hermit crab's environment. That's where our kits come in. We have small, medium, and large kits that include everything you need to set up your new crabs in an aquariums and wire cages.



We have small, medium, large, and jumbo size  Aquariums. They come in different color combinations and shapes.  The absence of corners in our oval shaped aquariums gives a very modern/ futuristic feel.  Aquariums make great cozy homes. The Aquarium walls are solid keeping the heat in and drafts out.  They have great floor space for all kinds of fun hermit crab accessories.

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